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My son and I sat with attorney Pacella, Joe was direct and said he would work to save my sons clean record. His fee was resonable ,as I had talked to other attorney's, and explained any extra charges that might accure above his fee. Joe went thru his part as a lawyer what he could and could not do for us. I felt confident that my son had good representation when we left our meeting. When they went to court it ended up better then we had hoped. I am grateful that I searched around and found attorney Pacella and highly recommend him.

- Patricia

I have hired him for multiple feloney charges.! He has hadle the matter with great communication we were in touch all of the time frame.! Responed to every text phone calls E-mails even after the case was resovled.!

- Alptug

I was in a bind. I had just been charged with two felonies, and they came in a summons. It was late on a Friday and I called up Mr. Pacella. I was shocked when he picked up and listened to me, it made me feel like I had made the right choice. I immediately hired him to help me out as he was very honest but confident he could help. He informed me the process would take its time but he would be available to me at any point. He held up to his word as I sent emails and texts about my concerns and he quickly replied. As time approached he made me feel safe by his close contact. And due to his incredible attention to detail and contestant work he was able to dismiss the charges against me. I can honestly say hiring Joseph Pacella was the best thing I could have done. He saved me life and kept his promise. He will do the same for you

- Anonymous

Mr. Pacella is professional and on point. He handled my case with care and as if I were a high profile case (It wasn't but when you are in court it is scary and want someone who treats you like you are their only case). Needless to say I would hire him again if I ever needed to. He will defend you like he would defend himself. I would highly recommend.

- Anonymous

I was being falsely accused of harassment by an Ex-girlfriend. When another Attorney recommended Attorney Joe Pacella. I met with Joe after a few Texts and Phone calls. I was impressed with his professionalism and direct approach. Joe Promptly returned Emails ,Texts and phone calls. Told me what evidence he would need and took it from there. He appeared in Court ready and prepared. I was amazed at how well he conducted himself in court. Long story short The harassment order was justly thrown out and my way of life was restored. I texted Joe later that evening to once again thank him for what he was able to do for me. He instantly replied to my text. I want to thank you again for your help. BTW all the charges were trumped up and he cut thru the B.S..

- Joe

Attorney Pacella helped me in a most difficult case, when it looked very grim with time to be served attorney Pacella, worked with me patiently and compassionately. I will be forever indebted with the results of my case and would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in need of a great criminal laywer without him I'm sure the results could've been quite different. All our visits were in his home where I felt comfortable and at ease, his confidence and reassurance are infectious and put me at ease in this most trying time in my life. He was there 24-7 to answer any questions or concerns I had. At no point did Attorney Pacella make me feel ashamed of my wrong doings, he was very supportive and understanding. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking help I know I will never forget all he's done to help me.

- Heather

I was indicted with a serious federal criminal case in 2014. Joe worked with me through my state charges and my federal charges for three years to reach a resolution. He worked above and beyond and dedicated a large amount of time over this three year period on my behalf. I would highly recommend Mr. Pacella to anyone in the area with criminal charges as he is very honest and a leader in his field. I was able to secure a favorable outcome at the end and truly believe that Joe saved my freedom by his outstanding efforts.

- Aaron

In one of my hardest ordeals as a father I was in search of a lawyer that could keep my son out of jail. The case was serious and although I will not share the exact nature of the case I will share that my attorney mr pacella was more than a professional he filled motion after motion to help my son in this case. My son was facing time at only 15 yers old he could be spending time in jail till 21 for the seriousness of the case but mr pacella wouldn’t allow it he was never judge mental toward my family or my son he was a true profesional and did his job so well that people in the courts where in complete shock of the outcome. My son got 2 zyears probation after facing jail time till 21 . I want to say I would recommend mr pacella to anyone a true master of his craft a gentleman and a 100 percent professional. Thank you mr pacella

- Edmund

Joe gave me the best legal guidance prior to none! I never had to hire an attorney beforehand! I was actually the victim of an assault and I still chose Mr. Pacella due to carefully researching the local area. The jury at the the court was heart breaking and found the attacker to be not guilty but he was still there every step of the way. I'm sure once my daughter gets older she'll know you provided my family guidance and I thank you! The justice system can be unjust but be reassured Joseph Pacella cares and he will do anything to give the prosecutor assistance in anyway. I hope you get the best experience as I did and I will continue to thank you Joe. Highly recommend!

- Stan and My Daughter Audrianna

Hired Joseph due to seeing the way he conducted himself in the courtroom. Had A misdemeanor DV Charge, and. Felony Assault Charge. Within my first date for a possible offer Joe came on time, spoke with opposing counsel, and had my felony dropped. My felony held a possible 5 year sentence in state penn. My misdemeanor held a possible 12 months. Looking at a possible 6 years maximum time, with my prior assault charges i was concerned. Joseph got me a great deal. I agreed to pleed out to the misdemeanor, which held a suspended sentence plus probation time. No more gps monitor, Joe got the GPS taken off, ( originally, upon arrest, I was put on GPS and did 35 days in jail until my next court date, JOE WAS NOT my atty when I was originally arrested and given jail time. ) once i appeared in court with Joe, instead of court appointed lawyer , Things went great. Working with Joe, I Got reduced probation stipulations, got rid of my urine testing, my GPS, Felony dropped, etc. Great attorney. To clear things up, I got arrested, violated, and went to jail on no bail til my next court date. On THAT date, Joe did great and got my felony dropped and my stipulations for probation minimized, and I did not go back to jail. Great Lawyer. Always in contact.

- Anonymous

Mr. Pacella was hired for my case last moment. He showed up to the court house ASAP, put all the necessary information for my defense together on the fly and was able to represent me that first day in a concise and effective way, even though he only had an hour or so to put everything together. All following hearings were dealt with in a highly organized and professional manner. He took the time to make simple what was happening and what to expect or do. In the end I received a very favorable outcome for my case.

Mr Pacella is very professional, highly competent, and easy to understand. I couldn't possible recommend him any more than I do now. I will certainly be contacting him again if I happen to need a lawyer in the future!

- B

There are many sub-par attorneys practicing today.

Joseph Pacella is not one of them.

He is honest, direct, competent and caring.

Joseph's delivered more value than his fee.

He worked hard, and used his charm and knowledge of the court to keep my son safe.

He is highly recommended.

Thanks, Joe.

- Robert

I hired Joe to help me with my legal issue. He is a great guy - easy to talk to. Really knows his stuff! We won big-time!

- Joe

We recently hired Joe and were very pleased with his representation. Joe was responsive, effective, knowledgeable, and experienced. We were lucky to have him by our side in such a difficult time.

- Danielle

I hired Joe for a bogus criminal charge that my soon to be exwife filed against me. After seeing Joe in action, she was quick to retract. All charges were dropped. Joe is a very knowledgeable and professional lawyer. I would highly recommend him.

- Anonymous

On December 03 2014 my 13 year old son received a summons to appear in court. He was being accused of child rape with force. I researched local lawyers who handle juvenile cases. I contacted a few and most of them refused to take the case, but Joseph M. Pacella was eager to take the case. He was very confendent in his skills and also the chances of proving my sons innocence. We set up a meeting the following day. He was there every step of the way answer all my questions. Very prosessoional and a kind individual. I recommend him to everyone. He is aggressive, very knowledgeable lawyer and will go out of his way. By the way, my son was found not delinquent. Thank you Joseph M. Pacella.

- Anonymous

I was very happy with Mr. Pacella. He was very upfront and knowledge with the court I had my ticket and was able to get a "Not Responsible" without my presence. I highly recommended Mr. Pacella to handle your traffic ticket. Just make sure you give him all the details about your ticket and driving record so he can make the best case and judgement. Thank you so much, once again Mr. Pacella!

- Nelson

Joe handled a contentious litigation matter for me. He was insightful and very aggressive, particularly in obtaining useful information during depositions. He handled the plaintiff beautifully and basically made the case through his deposition work. He also was extremely impressive in both preparing our expert witness and in cross-examining the other side's expert witness. Joe's "common sense" approach and unflappable personality also helped calm me down during what was a very emotional case for me.

- Anonymous

Mr. Pacella was an excellent attorney. Very knowledgeable and always very responsive. He was able to save my record and my career! In addition, his fee was very reasonable!

- Tom

I contacted Atty Pacella about an A&B case with numerous felonies. He took on the case, listened to what I told him, collected facts, and built upon that. He was very professional and personable to work with. He handled the case very well as I was facing 2+ years as the DA would have it. He completed a fair Bench Trial for me and I am not facing jail time. His thoroughness, attention to detail, tenacity, and professionalism was what I was looking for in an attorney.

- Jim

I have had the pleasure of hiring Atty. Pacella several times to represent my company in matters relating to criminal law, corporate matters, real estate and personal injury. Each time we were impressed with Atty. Pacella's zealous representation of us, while being ethical and honest. He was clear on the fees and what he could and could not do for us. I trust him with all of my legal matters and can recommend him without any reservations. He is simply the best lawyer in the area.

- Craig

I hired Joe to handle an erroneous restraining order that my soon to be ex had placed on me. I met with him just days before my hearing, and he handled it with great finesse. He was able to get the 209A terminated, which in turn enabled me to reunite with my daughter and aid in my divorce case. He is worth his weight in gold!!!

- Michelle

Mr. Pacella was an excellent lawyer and was there for me every step of the way! He is a great guy and really cares. He was able to get my case dismissed and i am very thankful for what he has done for me! if you are in need of a lawyer this you're guy! I would recommend him to any body.

- Anonymous

My son was accused of a crime. I know everyone says they are innocent. But, he really was innocent. Atty Pacella was honest and upfront from the initial consultation. He has always made himself available by text, phone, or email. When it was time to make a decision about whether or not to go to trial, he explained very thorough all options and potential outcomes. The results were in my son's favor and the case was nullified, which is better than a not guilty verdict. I definitely would rehire Atty Pacella if needed and I highly recommend him.

- Maria

GREAT LAWYER! Will fight for you until the end! Very Smart, and caring. Polite... punctual.. and just an amazing lawyer! If you need a lawyer, he is your GO TO GUY!

Joe saved my entire future by getting my case dropped from charges that were falsely accused. Fought for all my rights.. and did not make a decision without me. Can’t stress how happy I am, and how honored I was to be a client of his!

- Larry

Trust Joe with your DUI defense. I was found not guilty after being represented by Joe. Will go to him first whenever I need a lawyer.

- Adam

Attorney Pacella is the best on the business. He is understanding person and the best person to representative us. We had a hard case. These case took two year and we went twice to trial but he was very powerful representative in both trial. If you need the best criminal representation Attorney Pacella is the one for you. I am so glad that we hired Attoney Pacella.

- Juana

Attorney Pacella was very straight forward with me. He told me what to expect and the time frames involved. I would STRONGLY recommend anyone needing representation to consider him first.

I did not have time to shop around for rates, I just went by what he proposed and it all worked out in my favor. He is very to the point. Once you give him all the facts, he gets to work and very thoroughly too.

Thanks Joseph!

- Anonymous

By far the most determined and hard working lawyer. He is an expert on the law and will always do his best. As a client, I admire his dedication. He is a man of the law and will do things by the law. He is always one step ahead. I highly recommend him.

- Jonathan

This is a great attorney and I would recommend him to anyone. A+. He did everything in a professional manner and resolved the issue. Was a pleasure to have him represent me. Great Job and Thank You.

- Anonymous

Attorney Joseph pacella is an amazing attorney. He recently got me acquitted of very serious charges. I highly recommend his services.

- Dan

Attorney Pacella was very helpful in my case in the Eastern Hampshire District Court. His relationships in that courtroom and community were important in rendering a favorable outcome in my case. He responded to all of my inquiries very quickly and was explained very clearly his opinion of my case and the options I had available. From the start he made me feel comfortable that everything was under control and showed that throughout.

- Justin

I had problems with a construction project with a public entity. I had originally hired a lawyer from a large firm. He was terrible. The lawyer from the other side kicked the crap out of him which unfortunately meant they kicked the crap out of me. After waiting way to long and losing way to much money, I found Joe. Just on his reputation alone the other side backed down and toed the line of our original arbitration agreement. I have no doubt that if I had hired Joe from the beginning we would never have had to even gone to arbitration. I would never hesitate to hire Joe again or recommend him to anyone.

- Anonymous

Joe was very thorough, professional and successful with his legal services rendered on our civil matter. Would hire him again without hesitation.

- Lisa

Joe, is a very skillful attorney and works hard for his client. I have hired him on two different occasions. In both instances I was more than pleased with the results Joe produced. I wouldn't hire another attorney.

- Anonymous

Tenacious and highly motivated, attorney Pacella has excellent Pretrial skills. He puts his clients first and understands the intricacies of litigation. His legal acumen is high and has a very good command of the law. Finally, his interpersonal skills make him an excellent communicator. I would recommend him in any aspect of civil litigation.

- Bill

Mr. Pacella is an unrelenting trial attorney who is both knowledgeable and respectful of the judicial system. He defended us in a fairly complicated real estate transaction, which due to his diligence, we prevailed. He was more prepared than the opposing counsel and doubled down when necessary. I now consider him my lawyer for litigation, trial matters and real estate.

- Alice

Woww!! What can I say about Mr pacella!! I travel from California to reopen a criminal case in Massachusetts I was seeking to vacate the case I contact Mr pacella I looked it up online to see his reviews and let me told you these guy is the real deal this is the guy do you want to represent you in any Criminal Court hands down . Call Mr pacella don't even look for anyone else don't waste your time if you are in the Massachusetts area this is the guy or even out of state I'm from California these guy saved my life literally. Once again thank you so much for the great work .

- Marco Molina

Attorney Pacella was successful in bringing a positive outcome to my CDL class A speeding violation. The ticket was withdrawn by the Commonwealth of Mass. This outcome was completely and entirely based on Mr. Pacella's expertise and well respected reputation. Given other compounding factors such as a previous warning for speeding in the same section, This outcome was remarkable but not surprising given Mr. Pacella's stellar background. Not only a superior lawyer, Mr. Pacella has a very comforting demeanor and is not judgemental in any regard toward his clients. Most importantly Joe is highly attentive to the client in conversation. I can not say enough about Attorney Pacella. Most importantly he literally saved my career as well as my future. I give the highest recommendation to anyone that feels their case is hopeless that they allow Mr. Pacella to litigate their case. You will NOT be disappointed.

- Alan

Joe was very quick in resolving my out of state issue without even having to come back. He also hand delivered paper work on. My behalf because the clerk didn't feel it was important. My over all experience was pleasant and the out come fantastic. Would use again. If needed

- Mike

Joe did a great job in resolving my case with multiple charges even with me living out of state. Most impressive is he would answer my calls and texts very quickly.

- JP

Recently, I found myself in a situation where I needed a criminal lawyer for the first time in my life. I was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. I was very scared and wasn’t sure where to turn. I contacted Attorney Joe Pacella and asked him to represent me. Joe met with me immediately. He reviewed the police report as listened to my version of what happened the night of my arrest. Joe was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He explained my options clearly, including the pros of cons of those options, but most importantly Joe listened to me. Based on Joe’s professionalism, knowledge, and what I felt was a personal touch, Joe helped me reach the right decision. Afterward, Joe counseled me and explained everything that would happen to me if I were to get into further trouble with the law. Having Joe Pacella represent me made a very big difference in a horrible situation. B.O., Holyoke, MA

- Anonymous