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Domestic Violence Attorney in Springfield, Massachusetts

According to statistics, one in three women and one in four men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Being charged with domestic violence is not a situation to be taken lightly. This kind of conviction can follow you throughout life. That makes it a charge worth fighting.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can join you in that fight. If you are in Springfield, Massachusetts, or throughout Western and Central Massachusetts including Northampton, Westfield, Amherst, and Palmer, I am ready to help. After more than 20 years in practice, I am confident that I understand evidence and the law. I also know most of the players. As a President and soon-to-be-two-time President of our local bar, I help people make important decisions that impact their future. My experience in the field allows me to argue for the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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Domestic Violence in Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts, domestic violence is defined as physical harm, attempts to cause physical harm, inflicting fear of imminent serious physical harm, and involuntary sexual relations between family and household members. This includes violating an order of protection.

Family and household members include:

  1. Anyone who is or were married to one another

  2. Anyone who is or used to live together

  3. Anyone who is related by blood or by marriage

  4. Anyone who has a child in common regardless of whether they have ever married or lived together

  5. Anyone who has or had a substantive dating or engagement relationship

In Massachusetts, a police officer can make an arrest for domestic violence if there is any reason for them to believe that a felony or crime has been committed against the family or household member. These crimes include physical assault, battery, stalking, harassment, sexual abuse, and any kind of misdemeanor.

Possible Penalties

Domestic violence charges have a variety of consequences. If you are convicted, the punishment can range from fines to things more serious, such as jail time. The punishment depends on the severity of circumstances surrounding the domestic violence incident. Possible consequences and penalties may include:

  1. Jail

  2. Fines

  3. Loss of the right to own firearms

  4. Anger management classes

  5. Probation

  6. Loss of parenting privileges or custody

  7. Deportation

These consequences can stand alone or be combined, depending on the details of the domestic violence incident. The consequences are dependent upon what the prosecutor is looking for and what the judge determines. This is another area where an attorney can help — they can argue for a lesser charge.


Getting charged with domestic violence is not necessarily the final word on your case and your future. There are some defenses against a domestic violence charge. These defenses include being falsely accused, acting in self-defense, and lack of intent, among others.

When it comes to using defenses in a domestic violence case, a highly skilled defense attorney will be able to look at the circumstances surrounding the incident. Your attorney will listen to your side of the story and determine what defense could be used.

Domestic Violence Attorney
in Springfield, Massachusetts

If you are being charged with domestic violence, hiring an experienced attorney is crucial to your case. Having tried several hundred cases, I am ready to argue any set of facts. If you are in Springfield, Massachusetts or throughout Western and Central Massachusetts including Northampton, Westfield, Amherst, and Palmer, contact me at the Law Office of Joseph M Pacella for help.