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Casino Crimes Attorney in Springfield, Massachusetts 

While casinos and other forms of gambling are legal in Massachusetts and other states, engaging in specific behaviors can result in criminal charges. If you are facing casino-related charges, you would be well-advised to seek the assistance of a professional criminal defense attorney.  

Being prosecuted for a casino crime can be a frightening and stressful experience. At the Law Office of Joseph M Pacella, I know it better than anyone else. I defend clients facing casino charges in Springfield, Massachusetts, and across Western and Central Massachusetts. I understand the challenges you are facing and am dedicated to fighting for your rights to secure the most favorable outcome possible.

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Common Casino Crimes 

There are different types of criminal offenses committed in casinos. Some of the most common casino-related crimes include:  

  • Cheating. Cheating in casinos is considered a crime. This type of behavior occurs when a person manipulates the outcome of the game.  

  • Fraud. There are many examples of gambling fraud. Typically, gambling-related fraud entails taking a person’s money in a fraudulent manner for personal gain.  

  • Counterfeit chips. You can face criminal charges for using or attempting to use counterfeit chips. It is also illegal to manufacture counterfeit chips or other items of value in casinos.  

  • Cheating devices. It is illegal to use a cheating device to defraud a casino game or change the outcome of the game.  

  • Conspiracy. If a person conspires with others to manipulate a casino game, they can face criminal charges.  

There are many other types of casino crimes, including betting scams, gambling schemes, bouncing checks, and gambling under the legal age. Casino-related crimes can be prosecuted at both a federal and state level, depending on the circumstances of the alleged offense. 

Applicable Massachusetts Laws 

Under Massachusetts law, gambling is defined as winning at least $5 by playing (gaming) or betting on those who are playing in a public place. The definition of gambling in Massachusetts means that law enforcement cannot typically charge you with a crime for playing casino games in the comfort of your home.   

In addition, Massachusetts law makes it illegal for individuals under the age of 21 to gamble at any casino in the state. The minimum age requirement for dog or horse racing, bingo, or lottery games is 18. 

Possible Penalties for Casino Crimes 

Penalties for casino crimes vary from one state to another and depend on the circumstances of the offense. A person convicted of a casino crime in Massachusetts could be ordered to pay hefty fines and face a jail or prison sentence. However, in order to convict someone of a casino-related crime, the prosecution must prove criminal intent. In other words, there must be sufficient evidence to prove that the accused intended to commit the act involved in the case.  

Possible penalties for casino crimes vary greatly depending on the offense and the circumstances of each individual case. Often, casino crime cases involve large amounts of money, which means the penalties, including imprisonment, could be severe.  

Any casino-related criminal charges should be taken very seriously. If you are being accused of casino crimes, you need to protect your rights and freedom. You must speak with a proficient casino crimes defense attorney to build an effective defense strategy tailored to your specific circumstances.

Casino Crimes Attorney
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As a casino crimes defense attorney at the Law Office of Joseph M Pacella, I provide assertive and knowledgeable representation to people facing casino-related criminal charges in Springfield, Massachusetts, and other parts of the state. I am dedicated to skillfully defending your rights and explaining what your options are so you can move forward with your life as soon as possible. You can schedule a free case evaluation by contacting my office.