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Assault Defense Attorney in Springfield, Massachusetts

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a person may be charged with assault for attempting to use physical force or committing an act that places another person in fear of harm or danger. Depending on the seriousness and severity of the offense and other surrounding circumstances, a defendant convicted of assault may be facing massive fines, a lengthy prison sentence, a criminal record, and other devastating, life-changing consequences.

If you have been charged and arrested with an assault offense, retaining a highly-skilled Massachusetts criminal defense attorney is imperative to build your defense. At the Law Office of Joseph M Pacella, I'm committed to offering comprehensive legal guidance and vigorous representation to clients facing assault charges. As your legal counsel, I can investigate every last detail of your personal situation and outline a strong defense strategy to help pursue a favorable outcome for your case. I will fight vigorously to defend your rights and dispute the charges against you with overwhelming evidence.

My firm – the Law Office of Joseph M Pacella – proudly serves clients in Springfield and throughout Western and Central Massachusetts, including Northampton, Westfield, Amherst, and Palmer.

Facing Assault Charges?

Understanding Assault Charges in Massachusetts

A person commits the crime of assault when he or she:

  • Attempts to use physical force against another person, or

  • Demonstrates an intent to use immediate force against another, thereby placing the person in fear or apprehension of imminent danger or harm.

When facing assault charges, the justice system can be complicated, and navigating it on your own is never advisable. An experienced attorney can review the surrounding facts of your case and help you understand your possible penalties.

Possible Penalties

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, assault crimes often carry life-changing ramifications depending on the severity and seriousness of the offense. If convicted, possible penalties may include:

  • Huge fines

  • Jail time (ranging from months or years)

  • Mandatory anger management classes

  • Increased difficulty in securing employment, housing, or public benefits

  • Ineligibility to obtain certain loans

A skilled criminal defense attorney can evaluate all of the facts of your unique situation and craft your best defenses to avoid any of these penalties and long-term ramifications.

Possible Defenses to Assault

When facing assault accusations, your attorney may attempt to fight your charges using any of the following defenses:

  • Self-defense

  • Falsely accused

  • Stand your ground (You didn't do it)

  • Defense of others

  • Defense of property

  • Lack of intent

  • Inconsistencies in the evidence

  • Error during the investigation

Work With a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

Defending yourself against assault allegations without detailed guidance or experienced representation could easily expose you to the risks of suffering the maximum penalties. If convicted, you could be facing devastating punishment, including hefty fines, lengthy jail time, and other social consequences. Therefore, you need to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney to protect your legal rights and determine your best possible defense.

At the Law Office of Joseph M Pacella, I have the experience and resources to defend and represent clients who have been accused of assault. Using my extensive legal understanding, I will help you navigate the Massachusetts criminal justice system and represent you vigorously in every phase of the legal proceeding. As a President and soon-to-be-two-time President of my local bar, I can leverage my resources and connections to give you the best possible chance in your case. I will fight to protect your rights and make sure you get a fair hearing.

Assault Defense Attorney Serving Springfield, Massachusetts

If you are facing assault charges, don't face them alone. Contact my firm – the Law Office of Joseph M Pacella – today to schedule a simple case evaluation. I can offer you the comprehensive legal guidance and aggressive representation you need in your case. My firm proudly serves clients in Springfield and throughout Western and Central Massachusetts, including Northampton, Westfield, Amherst, and Palmer.