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If you are concerned about your safety due to the actions of someone else, a criminal harassment lawyer will help you get the protection you need. The Law Office of Joseph M Pacella helps with restraining orders in Springfield, MA, and the surrounding area.

A hearing will determine if standards are met to issue a protective order. A restraining order lawyer will walk you through each step of the process and gather facts and witnesses to support your case. People can get served a temporary restraining order as the first step.

Contact the Law Office of Joseph M Pacella today to learn more from a criminal harassment lawyer in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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Stop Abuse From a Former Spouse

A 209A protective order is issued for particular circumstances. These are necessary when you're abused or harassed by:

  • A member of your family

  • A former member of your family

  • Someone you've been dating or are in a relationship with

These are often issued in cases involving paternity and spousal support. Schedule a consultation with a lawyer in the Springfield, Massachusetts area today.